Attribution Analytics

With our best-in-class attribution software, we can regularly report on every aspect of the uplift driven by your Ad spend. Pixels track web visits and create a moving median baseline. From this, we can derive TV uplift and, using algorithms developed over years and thousands of TV campaigns, assign web visits to individual TV spot times.

Once this attribution is delivered, we can show you in granular detail precisely what channels, programmes, dayparts, time-bands and even creatives are delivering as a response. We can also dissect this data to show registrations and sales conversions, all linked back to the original site visit, and which TV spot generated that response.

This is an essential tool for reporting on DRTV, and our insights and expertise bring these reports to life and provide powerful optimisation. Sales, registrations, and conversion rates can be optimised based on Mans Media’s significant insights.



We have the expertise to deliver outstanding multi-channel media buying combined with unrivalled service to ultimately drive your ROI and profitability.