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Direct Response Television

DRTV or direct response television, is any Television advertisement asking its consumers to respond. Direct response television is a form of direct response marketing and it comes in two main formats: Short-form and long-form. Common formats are 30-second, 60-second and 120-second spots to share information with the audience and invite to perform any actions in response like calling a toll-free number, sending an SMS or visiting a website. However, DRTV campaigns can include up to half-hour paid programming episodes.

DRTV commercials are most efficient when it comes to garnering leads and direct sales. We also integrate latest tech-savvy trends to incorporate innovative methods to elevate direct response rate. DRTV is also very economical when compared branding advertisements, for DRTV, the average cost to reach 1 person is approx. 0.5p. Significantly lower costs add up to faster measurement of campaign ROI.

We integrate a lot of media channels including digital, offline, mail, email, radio, and print to maximize reach and frequency across all potential consumer touchpoints. DRTV commercials are broadcasted across targeted selections to ensure that messages reach the right audience. Selection of right media networks for your ads plays a crucial role in overall DRTV Campaigning. We work with the most reliable media networks such as ITV, Sky, Channel 4, E4 and many others

We ensure maximum ROI for our clients by setting up campaigns with reduced CPO and fully integrated metrics. Our DRTV Campaigns can boost both direct and retail sales by synergizing all our strategies and media sources. At Mans Media, we understand what it takes to craft an effective DRTV Campaign. With some of the top-notch industry experts, real-time analytical tools and sophisticated techniques, we ensure that our clients get the best. We deliver impactful DRTV Media Services across UK, USA, Canada, Asian, Australia & Europe.

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