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Data Analytics

Data Analytics is all about deriving useful information scientifically from diverse data models using cutting-edge tools and trend studies to take effective decisions. Data analysis has a variety of facets to extensively support multiple branding needs. With Data Analytics, brands can learn more about competitive analysis and response ratios to optimize their ROAS (Returns on Ad Spends). A deeper dive into real-time data to analyse how, where and what is going on with a campaign can drastically change the way it performs.

We offer TV campaign measurement with Up-to-date data metrics segregated into useful insights like creative performance, website traffic against TV campaign, reach and more. With our digital campaign measurements, you can gauge activities with real-time monitoring over social media, search engines and other digital channels.

TV Ads drive traffic, so to understand the impact of TV Ads we measure its impact on website traffic. TV ads and its effectiveness can be measured on local and national statistics. Consolidating granular details helps the brand to understand the performance of their campaign on attributes like TV networks, shows, the best day of the week or time of the day.

Since inception, Digital Analytics has been advancing with new technologies and techniques. Using most advanced analytical tools, brands can now also explore predictive analysis to immensely strategize and optimise campaigns. Our Data Analysts can help you to explore opportunities through data findings. Technical and statistical KPI's contributed by our teams help build better strategies to deliver far-reaching experiences through various avenues.

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