Digital Media

-- Posted: 22nd January 2015 -- By: mans

Renewed economic confidence and ongoing maturity within the ethnic media landscape has resulted in ethnic media becoming increasingly more dynamic. We are seeing more product development within the digital sphere, a continuing rise in different types of TV stations and the evolution of broadcasted content addressing the needs and interests of British-based ethnic groups.

There is a trend towards ethnic media owners not only expanding their commercial portfolios but doing so in an even more integrated manner. Where previously media owners would specialise in one media type, whether that be printing, newspapers or producing a TV station, they are now branching out, trying new things and becoming multi-faceted by also ensuring the various types of media they represent have the option to be packaged and bundled together for centralised media buying.

While much ethnic media remains traditional in its outlook and execution, digital must not be ignored and should sit at the heart of any marketing programme. One reason is the perennial issue over accountability and transparency. This continues to hang over some ethnic media, certainly in print where the vast majority of publications distribution or sales are not independently certified by. There is an abundant lack of other audience measured data commonly available for mainstream media sources whether that is BARB for measuring TV, RAJAR for Radio or the print industry’s. Digital enables the ability to track numbers against an advertiser’s plan and objectives.

  • Ethnic population is particularly tech savvy
  • Digital advertising is particularly powerful with ethnic population
  • Associate laptops/ipads  with education before entertainment
  • 47% of Ethnics spend 3+ hours online daily cf. 24% of White British
  • Asians use internet 50% more than UK mainstream population
  • Extremely wide variety of ethnic sites available.